Creative Growth Beyond Trend Runway Show

Co-styling the Creative Growth Beyond Trend Runway Show has become an annual tradition for us.  Each year our inspiration and awe grow, as do our relationships with the runway team and with the Creative Growth artists.  Participating in this event is a true honor and each year we are so grateful for and motivated by the experience.  This year the runway show was held in a new venue, The Berkeley Art Museum, as part of an ongoing, participatory art exhibition called The Possible, curated by local artist David Wilson.  Read more about this exhibit and how to participate on BAMs website.  We couldn’t have dreamed up a more perfect backdrop than BAMs spacious, industrial, concrete cantilevers or a more perfect team to work with.  A huge thank you to the entire Creative Growth staff and all the artists for letting us be a part of your vision.

Creative Growth artist Jorge Gomez.

The runway being laid out around a large Fritz Haeg rug.

Models Morgan Miller, Lovage Sharrock and Creative Growth Artist Christine Szeto.

Details of an embellished sweater by Creative Growth artist Ruth Stafford.

Model and Mercy girl Katie Peterson with hair by Marquee Salon.

Morgan Miller and Lovage Sharrock with Creative Growth artist Lulu Sotelo.

Polaroids of runway lineup.

Models Marcelo Gutierrez and Morgan Miller.

Creative Growth artist Natascha Haehlen.


Creative Growth artists waiting for runway show.

Lovage Sharrock in Kim Clark dress.

Models Marcelo Gutierrez and Aubrey Ferreira.

Our co-stylist Anne Hartford of Maribel and her daughter Georgia.

Model Samira Franklin.

To learn more about Creative Growth visit their website.  A huge thank you to everyone involved especially Anne Hartford, Liz Baca, Peter St Lawrence, Meadow Presley, David Wilson, Travis Meinolf, Jessica Niello, Tessa Watson, Fennis Brown, Marquee Salon and Alise Jacobini, Ralph R. Kasy III & their makeup team and all of The Possible artists.  Cant wait for next year!!!!