Antique Bedouin Embellished Dress

This stunning, antique Bedouin dress from the nomadic tribes in the Middle East is a true work of art.

Features a woven bodice with wide flared sleeves, mixed textile patchwork, and heavily embellished detailing—including intricate beadwork, metal coin/hardware, tassels, button and embroidery embellishments.

Skirt bottom appears to feature a slightly more modern, silky woven floral printed textile.


Due to the vintage nature of the items we sell, we recommend using the measurements we provide for fit.

Sh = 17”

B = 32”

W = 27-28”

L = 45.5”



Please note: Due to the age and preloved nature of this piece, signs of wear and minor damages are present; some beading/embellishments are coming loose.