About Us

   Let's get one thing clear! At Mercy Vintage, we love clothes and we love style, but we do not subscribe to one particular look and we do not follow what is fashionable. We cannot choose one decade, one designer or one anything because we like to mix it all together and we believe this is what creates great style.
   It's not fast fashion, it's not driven by editors, it is that indescribable feeling when you mix things up and rock it! Our brick and mortar and Instagram are a reflection of us; what we wear everyday. We love the outrageous, we love the simplistic and we love quality.
   What started as a way for us to upgrade our personal wardrobes has blossomed into a larger understanding that recycling clothes has an important impact on the planet. We believe that everyone should buy quality, buy less and invest in pieces that are not destined for landfills-which we believe that much of fast fashion is destined for. We personally wear second hand, local designer/artist, sustainable clothing and hope to encourage others to do the same. We also encourage crazy experimentation in the name of individual style and truly love to match people to the perfect piece!

Our Team 



Karen (She/Her)

   My name is Karen and I am the owner of Mercy Vintage. A few things about me.

I am married to an extraordinary human named Grady, I am a fur baby mom to an adopted pup named Flossy who has made my heart grow exponentially, and I am a triple cancer...read as a very sensitive soul! Mercy has given me the opportunity to be a part of a most extraordinary community- our team (brings tears to my eyes when I think about the people who have crossed our path), our clients (the most loyal and loving) and the vintage world (some of my dearest friends). My love of vintage started as an obsession with thrifting and treasure hunting and has transformed into a life affirming, life changing adventure.Thank you #MercyVillage

T (They/Them)

   I’ve never felt apart of a community the way I do here at Mercy. Being surrounded by fun vintage, getting to work with some of the best people and having the opportunity to help style and connect with some of the sweetest people that shop with us. I’m so thankful to everyone who connects with us! I’m honestly just a scatter brained thrifter whose interests are incredibly fickle, which may be due to my Sagittarius sun. I have a hard time focusing...what am I doing here? Oh yeah my name is T and uh that's all folks.



Kelsey (She/Her)

   My name is Kelsey, and I’m the latest addition to the Mercy team!I was born in and raised in the Bay Area, and spent about 8 years studying and working in fashion in New York. I’m obsessed with my cat, Hamburger, my pickup truck, Big Red, and making friends with dogs. In my spare time, I like making jewelry and crafting, going on adventure hikes and jamming out to Taylor Swift with absolutely no shame. Stemming off my crazy Gemini energy, I constantly love to learn about and experiment with different styles and designers. I fully embrace fashion not only as art, but as a strong form of self expression. In the past couple months I’ve missed the shop and interacting with our awesome customers and community, and am stoked to move forward with reopening Mercy!



Flossy (She/Her)

   Flossy is our newest team member. She is a Capricorn, is ball obsessed and absolutely insists on sleeping in any and all piles of clothes we have about, no matter the condition. She is a love and looks forward to meeting all of you soon!




 Stella (She/Her)

   Hi, my name is Stella (she/her) and I am so excited to meet you virtually!! I grew up on Piedmont Avenue and have been an enthusiastic #MercyVillage member since we first opened in 2009, so to be a part of this team is a dream come true. I have worked in a wide range of fashion retail spaces, from small businesses to luxury houses, and I have found that my heart lies with helping people gain and have access to insane fashion that has history behind it and is environmentally conscious. If you don’t see me scouring the men’s section for blazers and trousers, I’m day dreaming about Phoebe Philo returning to Celine or an Alexander McQueen runway show. Realistically though I’m probably binge watching Sex and the City while eating anything dipped in hummus. I can’t wait to help you find your next treasure.




Colton (They/Them)

   Oh hi! My name is Colton. I am new to the vintage/fashion world but am so excited to have been immersed in such a fun, challenging environment for the last couple years. Outside of Mercy, I really enjoy photography on an amateur level, brings me a lot of joy to go shoot when the light is just right. I have been playing music most of my life, and although my attention waxes & wanes, it's always been there for me as a creative outlet. I am terminally anxious & shy, but I promise I don't bite! Let's chat about music & find you that perfect fit that empowers you :)

Fernando (He/Him)

   Hi, my name is Fernando! I'm a writer from and in the Bay Area who happens to love fashion. Yes, I am a Carrie. Yes, I did watch Ugly Betty growing up. And yes, The Devil Wears Prada is life affirming for me. I'm a big fan of self expression in any form. I'm either always thrifting at my local favorite spots, jumping around at concerts, reading through my never ending book collection, or watching a film someone recommended to me. I'm so excited to be working in vintage clothing as it is a great opportunity for me to help people to add timeless pieces to their wardrobes. Everyone has their own style and that's the best thing about fashion. It's all about collaboration and I can't wait to collaborate with you.
Allison (She/Her)
   Hello, my name is Allison. It’s been a pleasure getting to know everyone at Mercy and the rest of the community. I’ve been an avid thrift store addict starting as a teenager and my obsession never went away. As a teenager my love of vintage and fashion stemmed from MTV music videos like the Beastie Boys dressing up in Adidas track suits, and my older sister’s Vanity Fair and Vogue Magazines. Nowadays I’m inspired by film and period piece shows (I will watch a movie solely for the amazing costume designs) as well as old art books I’ve collected. I have two cats, Klaus and Ramesses, who are the loves of my life. I am a lover of nature and all things mystical and mysterious. It has been like a dream seeing all of the beautiful fabrics, textures, colors and designs passing through Mercy’s doors. I’m so thankful to be here!